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Rug Cleaning and Wash

Our cleaning process begins with thorough inspection for stains and fugitive dyes. We use a high-powered aerating system instead of a vacuum, as vacuums can be harmful for oriental rugs and natural fibers.

After treating and sanitizing animal, food, beverage stains, then treating fibers to prevent dye bleed, then we submerge the rug in a cold-water bath where we gently hand-scrub, shampoo, and rinse the rug under water.

Though using cold water takes longer, it preserves the natural lanolin of wool fibers and is the key to cleaning natural fibers without harming them. Adhering to the conditions that best replicate the natural world keeps natural fibers intact longer. Next step & important step would be to remove water, we incorporate a special patented forced-air system to remove excessive water before sending them to our climate controlled drying room overnight, drying natural fibers has to be at a controlled low heated room for best result & preserving natural luster of yarn.


Restoration of oriental rugs requires an in-depth knowledge of various fiber types, weave structures, design pattern, and dye process. Our skilled artists have extensive experience in color-matching, aging yarn, if necessary, to match the original color, and thorough understanding of patina and luster.

First, we begin the restoration process by studying and reconstructing the original foundation and structure of the rug. Then, the artist will re-weave the damaged area to follow the patterns and design of the original condition. Finally, the artist will trim and shear the excessive yarn to recreate the original texture. All of our repairs are accompanied with before and after photos and videos of the restoration process from start to finish and can be provided to our clients upon request.

Alteration and Fabrication

We also offer installation and customization services, such as custom  resizing & alteration, wall mounting, staircase installation, to meet our clients style and demands and much more. Our team will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, allowing you to customize every element of the install to your liking. Additionally, we offer appraisals and rug identification consultations.

We are located at 126 Acoma Street, right in the heart of the beautiful Baker neighborhood of Denver. Please feel free to come on down and take a tour of our workshop, where you can see our team hard at work.

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